Do I have to get my paddle?
— Betty
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Betty Lou Quire

Betty Lou Quire

November 26, 1924
March 8, 2013 (aged 88)
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cause of Death:
Natural causes
Blanche L. Meyer (mother; deceased)
Brandi Profitt (granddaughter)
Stephen Quire (grandson)
Jack Quire (other grandson)
Paige Profitt (great granddaughter)
Princess Profitt (other great granddaughter)
Stephen Quire
First Appearance:
Latest Appearance:
Greatest Freak Out Ever 6

Betty Lou Meyer Quire (November 26, 1924 - March 8, 2013) was the paternal grandmother of Stephen Quire and Jack Quire. Her first and only appearance was in the episode "Greatest Freak Out Ever 6."


She appeared in the 6th episode where she was babysitting her 2 grandsons Stephen and Jack while their parents left town for the weekend. In the episode, Betty and Stephen were arguing over what to watch on the TV. She threatens to hit Stephen with a cutting board. Afterwards, she hits Stephen's eye with the paddle and leaves after calling his mother


  • I want to watch the news.
  • You little brat.
  • Well, then why did he have me over here you little s***.
  • Do I have to get my paddle?
  • You son of a bitch.
  • I want a little respect!
  • You want a bet?
  • Well, then stand up.
  • I'll tell you what-- I'm leaving.
  • You got it up your ass too?
  • She was one of the few characters who fought back at Stephen, and one of the very few to physically assault him, by hitting him with a cutting board.