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September 27, 2010
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"Greatest freak out ever 11" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season. In this episode, after breaking his family's $3,000 TV set for not being allowed to buy "Halo: Reach", Stephen freaks out during a visit from the police.



The episode starts with Jack explaining to everyone that Stephen broke the family's $3,000 TV because he wasn't allowed to buy "Halo: Reach" and that The Mother had called the police on him. The Police Officer arrives and Jennifer explains the situation. He then calmly asks Stephen to explain his side of things. Stephen starts talking as The Cop is taking notes but stops when Stephen says "She's not fair, you don't know, go away." The Cop follows Stephen into the living room and Stephen shoves him, with the cop ordering Stephen "You do not put your hands on a police officer, do you understand?" Stephen disobeys and shoves him once more, prompting him to mace Stephen with his pepper spray. Stephen is last seen being cuffed as the episode ends.


  • Most fans consider this video fake because Jennifer, Police Officer, and Stephen never noticed Jack recording them. This video was almost removed because police officer didn't want to be on the internet.
  • The video almost got taken down because (according to Jack in an annotation) the cop didn't want to be on YouTube.
  • Some people think this video is fake because the police officer knew Stephen's name. However the police officer called him 'boy' before Jennifer said his name. Only after that did the police officer call him by his real name.
  • Jack didn't film Stephen breaking the $3,000 TV when Jennifer called the police. Therefore, there was no evidence of the incident.
  • The mother (Jennifer Quire) cried herself to sleep that same night.