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March 19, 2011
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"Greatest freak out ever 12" is a Greatest freak out ever episode from season. In this episode, a grounded Stephen freaks out over the fact that David shut off the internet for 2 weeks, and he attempts to destroy the computer chair in revenge.



When the internet is lost, So is Stephen's Mind.


Stephen got grounded and David shut off the Internet for 2 weeks. Stephen was freaking out because in one of his online games he mentioned he was one of the best men on his team and if he was away, they would be pissed. After many complaining and yelling, he finally dragged his dad's chair out with Jack following. As Stephen is setting up the chair to run over, Jack warns him that David is gonna "kick his ass". Stephen tried to snitch on Jack for saying ass but only to fail. Stephen jumps in the Hummer while Jack orders him to get out of it. Stephen revs the engine a few times and finally runs over the chair and drives away. Jack ends the video saying, "There he goes."


  • When Stephen runs over the chair, he didn't destroy it at all.
    • He may have gotten it dirty however.
  • The Hummer's tires are different than the Greatest freak out ever 3, being custom monster tires instead of factory defaults.



Greatest freak out ever 12 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Greatest freak out ever 12 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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