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This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freakout Ever episode "Greatest freak out ever 12" from season, which posted on March 19, 2011.

  • Jack: Okay, Stephen's grounded and... my dad shut off the internet and Stephen's...
  • Stephen: Okay, I tried to tell dad like 50 times to turn it on.
  • Jack: Really freaking out.
  • Stephen: Mom. Mom! Mom!
  • Jennifer: 2 Weeks, Stephen. 2 Weeks.
  • Stephen: Okay, who decided it has to be 2 weeks? And why start it today? I'm in the middle of something. I swear to god, mom, make dad turn the internet back on.
  • Jennifer: 2...
  • Stephen: I'm literally 3,000 freakin' tokens away! MOM! I swear to god, I'm literally 3,000 tokens away from the chaotic crossbow. MOM!!! Oh, my god, that's freakin' bullcrap! Why can't, I'm literally the only freakin' ranger on my team and they need me. Why don't your respond? Mom.
  • Jennifer: I'm not gonna argue with you.
  • Stephen: Okay.
  • Jennifer: 2 weeks.
  • Stephen: Okay.
  • Jennifer: 2 weeks, as of yesterday, 2 weeks.
  • Stephen: I don't understa... why does it have to start today, though? You could have warned me. Ah... Oh, my god. They're gonna freakin' kill me when I get back on there I swear to god they're gonna be so mad they're gonna kick me out of the clan, and then I won't have a clan. I'm not gonna have a clan for the rest of the time on there. Mom. JUST TELL HIM TO TURN THE INTERNET BACK ON FOR ABOUT 5 FREAKIN' SECONDS so I can tell them, so I can explain! Alright. (grabs the computer chair) Well, I guess if there's nobody using the computer then there's no point in having a computer chair.
  • Jack: Dude, Stephen, what are you doing? Dad is going to kick your ass if you break that, Stephen.
  • Stephen: What?
  • Jack: Dad is going to kick your ass if you break that.
  • Stephen: Alright, mom. Mom. Jack just said the, Jack just said the A-word 2 times and you did absolutely nothing, did you hear me? Mom. Jack just said the A-word times 2 times and you did nothing. Alright. I have to complete fruit rollup fruit rollup freakin' grilled sausage and everything never get in trouble. (Stephen opens the hummer door and tries to get in it)
  • Jack: Dude, Stephen, get out of the hummer. I don't know (Stephen pushes Jack away) I don't know what you're doing. Okay. (Stephen finally gets in the hummer and closes the door. Stephen puts the key in the hummer ready to drive.) Get out of the hummer, Stephen. Stephen! (Stephen drives the hummer and the computer chair gets roadkilled) Stephen! (Stephen drives the hummer away) There he goes. Oh, my.