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April 7, 2011
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"Greatest freak out ever 13" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season. In this episode, Stephen freaks out during an audition for "".



The episode starts with Jack explaining that he's in California and that he did a promo for from in yesterday and that they had Stephen come back. We then hear Stephen trying to understand the accent of a man who appears to be the director. He asks Stephen to say "" while wearing a happy mask. Which he does so, then throws the mask. The director then proceeds Stephen to say "We are the most positive company which makes people more happy". Which Stephen refuses to because it's the dumbest thing he's ever heard. The director then compares different types of people while pointing his arms around. But when he points his arms at Stephen while comparing gay people, Stephen literally takes it as an insult and shoves the director in return. Stephen then proceeds to wreck the studio by throwing a chair, smashing two portraits, throwing a vase down the stairs, smashing a fan, and destroying a Christmas tree. Jennifer and Jack try to get him to stop but he refused. Jennifer then asks Stephen to get going and continues to smash the fan. Stephen then shoves a security guard trying to stop him. At the end of the episode Jack says "Oh, my god".


  • Most fans consider this video fake, due to the fact that Stephen found a random baseball bat behind the Christmas tree and that there was no one restraining him.
  • This is the most serious Jack has been in the whole series, as he's not laughing and egging Stephen on.
  • This is likely the most destructive video in the whole series: Stephen flings the Artist Laughter mask, pushes the Director Man, throws a chair, throws objects from a desk at two framed pictures on wall, shattering them, flings more stuff from the desk, throws a vase down the staircase, stomps a fan, pushes a Christmas tree, grabs a baseball bat and swings at what's left of one of the shattered frames, rips it off the wall, hits it again with the bat, and turns on the fire extinguisher and sprays it around outside on the balcony, chucks it off the balcony, walks back in with the bat, smashes the fan again, pushes another employee out of the way, and drops the bat as he leaves the door, all within a minute and a half.
  • This is the first Greatest Freak Out Ever episode to be shot in widescreen. It is also the very first HD freakout uploaded in 720p, though Jack did upload some more episodes in 480p before finally switching to HD.
  • This episode was posted on April 7, 2011, the same day as the "Rio de Janeiro school shooting".
  • Soon after this video aired, The Happiest Company shut their website down and went out of business.
    • However, the real reason on why The Happy Company shuts down website and went out of business is had to do with the backlash on one of their YouTube videos.