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This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freak Out Ever episode "Greatest freak out ever 23" from series, which posted on July 15, 2012.

  • Jack: All right, so I haven't made a video for about 5 or 6 months. And uh... Stephen has, picked up a pretty, odd hobby in that time. He actually... is obsessed with Batman. Just everything, Batman. Just has, yeah, um, you get the point. So... I have to show you something. The reason why I haven't made a video... (The 21st Century Insurance commercial on TV in the background, and he opens the left glass door) Out in the garage. (Jack takes the lazy way out and drives a golf buggy to the garage) Stephen, what are you doing?
  • Stephen: I'm checking the timing on the ignition, what does it look like I'm doing? Go away. What?
  • Jack: You actually built a batmobile.
  • Stephen: Yeah, sometimes people do productive things through the summer, I don't have to freakin' party or, hang out with friends or, do Jersey Shore crap.
  • Jack: What, why doesn't it have seats in it?
  • Stephen: Because, the guy I'm supposed to order from and send them... Get the camera out of my face. The seats haven't came yet. Stop talking...
  • Jack: What is this switch?
  • Stephen: Stop touching that!
  • Jack: What is this switch?
  • Stephen: Don't, stop touching that crap!
  • Jack: What is that? Oh, my God.
  • Jack: (Laughing and Stephen covers his mouth with his hand while coughing and spluttering)
  • Stephen: FREAKIN' IDIOT!!!!!!
  • Jack: (Continues to laugh and starts getting chased by his older brother Stephen who is flailing his arms at him and making priceless faces) Oh, my Go... Ha, ha! (Laughs while running and is still being chased by Stephen) Oh, my God!
  • Stephen: GET AWAY!!
  • Jack: Get away from me! (the video stops and cuts off where maybe Jack falls off the grass)
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