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July 18, 2012
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"Greatest freak out ever 24" is a Greatest Freak Out Ever episode from season. In this episode, Stephen and his parents get into an argument over the fact that Stephen sold his car so that he could take his batmobile to Comic-Con in California.



Stephen is getting into an argument with David and Jennifer over the fact that he sold his car to take his batmobile to Comic-Con. David asks what Comic-Con is, and when he finds out it will be in California, David freaks out and tells Stephen that he isn't going anywhere, saying that the Batman show is "Stupidest s***." Finally, Stephen says "I'm going to Comic-Con!" and David goes to chase after Stephen and kick his butt. Jennifer finds that Jack was recording the whole thing, and she confiscates the camera and turns it off.


  • Stephen sells his car to take the batmobile to Comic-Con.
  • Jack makes Stephen a joke about Robin from "Batman" that Robin is going to say.
  • Stephen sold his car so he can buy the seats for the Batmobile. And then his dad attacked Stephen because of he kept yelling at him and his mom. Jack was gonna record them fighting, but their mom found out and took the camera away from Jack.
  • This video was removed for a short time because Jennifer deleted it on YouTube, but Jack re-posted it soon after.



  • This episode was released on July 18, 2012, but in reality, Comic-Con fell on July 12, 2012. The episode may have been filmed on or right before that.


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