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February 17, 2013
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"Greatest freak out ever 27" is a Greatest freak out ever episode from season. In this episode, while doing the dance to PSY's "Gangnam Style", Stephen freaks out over the fact that Jack was recording him the whole time, causing him to chase after Jack until he trips over a chair in the kitchen.



Stephen's listening to the Gangnam Style for the last 3 weeks, he keeps doing the dance I hope he must be able to stop dancing at the computer until Stephen turns around to see what's Jack is doing when he says "Dude! What the heck?!" Now, Jack always filming at Stephen to stalking as harassment until he says "You're a freakin' stalker!" Stephen was chasing with Jack and Stephen got trip over to the chair until Stephen says "YOU THINK YOU'RE A YOUTUBE COMEDIAN?!" He was saying mom to yelling and he wasn't crying, he was screaming louder but that's not fair, but Stephen tells Jack to say "YOU'RE... A GODDAMN, I HATE YOU!!!", and Jack is going back upstairs.


  • Stephen was listening to the Gangnam Style for the last 3 weeks. And he keeps doing the dance and it's probably hilarious.
  • Stephen's face while screaming 100% resembles Will Poulter's face.

Cultural References

  • Stephen was dancing at the computer doing "Gangnam Style" and the music video is called "PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) M/V".


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