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September 18, 2015
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"Greatest freak out ever 32" is a Greatest freak out ever episode from season. In this episode, Jack returns home from school to see that someone made a mess in their backyard, most likely from Stephen, who returned home from military school a couple days prior.



The aftermath of an unexpected freakout.


Stephen comes home from military school but hasn't been freaking out, albeit Jack returns home from a day at school only to discover that someone had made a mess from in the backyard (presumably Stephen). Stephen is seen in the distance in his boxers, Jack calls out for him only for Stephen to shout back: "I SAW BLOOD!" Jack investigates more of the chaos that was caused by him. Jack tells his brother, but he can't do this until you can hear when Stephen yells "I KNOW, JACK, WHATEVER!!", including his laptop sitting on the grass; Stephen continues to run off to pass the tree line. Jack then concludes that he'd might not or his family for that matter to see Stephen in over a long time.


  • This is the only episode where you can see the aftermath of an unexpected freak out.
  • You can see when Stephen in the distance; he's not naked but wearing his orange boxers.
  • It's unknown why Stephen caused the messed.



  • When Stephen came home from military school, he was a completely different person and he hasn't been freaking out at all.
  • On YouTube releases of this episode, when Stephen says "I SAW BLOOD!", he might not have been freaking out about death, because you can possibly hear him saying "What the f***?!", due to an error.


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