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This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freak Out Ever episode "Greatest freak out ever 33" from series, which posted on December 11, 2015.

  • Jack: Okay, so it's bow season. And Stephen is about to going on his annual deer hunt. He's, never actually brought back a deer before but, he always has like, really high hopes for the season, that it's just, I don't know, it's funny. Anyways, he's about to come out, to the shed the grab his bow. He's up at my garage right now getting his gear out of the attic, and uh, when he comes out here... my rooster, Sergeant Pepper, is gonna be waiting for him. So... the hunter's about to become the hunted. This is Sergeant Pepper's den. (Opens the door and sees the 3 roosters) He's pretty friendly to most people. I'm just gonna let them out and... I'll let the magic happen. Sergeant Pepper, you do your work. (Shuts the camera off and it cuts to about 10 minutes later) Okay, so it's been about 10 minutes, and Stephen's finally coming out to get his bow. But, what he doesn't know he is I baited, the door, with chicken feed. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Stephen: How this even freakin' happen? Just need to get in here real quick. Really, all I need is just to get in here for a freakin' second. (Tries to open the door but he backs away because he's scared of the 3 roosters and hears Jack laughing) Dude, I can literally hear you laughing.
  • Jack: Why are you so afraid of the roosters? Sergeant Pepper's friendly.
  • Stephen: Did you lock this door or something?
  • Jack: It's always locked.
  • Stephen: Where's the key?
  • Jack: The rooster has it.
  • Stephen: No. Let me guess you also took the key.
  • Jack: It's around, Sergeant Pepper's neck.
  • Stephen: Holy crap, dude, he's giving me freakin' crazy looks, man.
  • Jack: Just, step towards him and he won't attack you. You just have to keep, getting...
  • Stephen: I'm just try... (Sergeant Pepper moves into attack formation and Stephen runs for his life) AAAAAH!!!
  • Jack: OH, HA HA! (Laughing, Stephen falls over on the grass, gets up and runs away while his younger brother continues to laugh)
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