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July 10, 2009
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"Greatest freak out ever 4" is a Greatest freak out ever episode from season. In this episode, Jack pesters Stephen by telling him he sucks at playing guitar, causing Stephen to freak out and destroy their dad's guitar.



Stephen is playing his dad's guitar, and Jack decides to have some fun with him. Jack leaves the camera pointed at Stephen, then goes outside and tells him: "Stephen! You suck at guitar!" Stephen tells Jack he doesn't care what he thinks and that he is better at playing guitar than him. Stephen continues playing until Jack tells him that their dad is going to be so mad when he finds out that Stephen is playing his guitar without permission. Stephen tells him he's not afraid of him and doesn't care if he finds out. Stephen then continues playing until Jack tells him he still sucks. Angry, Stephen tells him to shut up and that he doesn't have a life. Laughing, Jack goes back inside as Stephen tells him to "go get a freakin' life." Jack retrieves the camera and goes back outside to tell Stephen: "Dude, you freakin' suck at life." Stephen angrily responds by telling him to shut up and that he doesn't care what he thinks. Eventually, having had enough, Stephen charges toward the wall with the guitar and knocks the clock off the wall with it and then attempts to break it. He then smashes it multiple times on the porch until the guitar finally breaks. Stephen walks off the porch and to the side of the house as Jack follows him, laughing.


  • It's unknown if David or Jennifer were home at the time Stephen was playing guitar, though it's possible that David was as Jack tells Stephen that "Dad is gonna be so mad when he finds out..."


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