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July 20, 2009
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"Greatest freak out ever 5" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season. In this episode, Stephen attempts to cook a TV dinner in their awful microwave that won't cook anything, causing him to freak out and destroy the microwave in his backyard.



Stephen is attempting to cook a TV dinner in their microwave, but begins to complain that the microwave isn't working and yells to his mom that they need a new microwave. Stephen calls the machine a "freakin' piece of crap that doesn't cook." He then yells for his mom to answer while banging on the microwave, then Jennifer responds by saying that yelling won't make the microwave cook any faster and to just leave it alone. Stephen responds by saying that the dinner is supposed to cook for 2 minutes, but that its been in the microwave for 7 minutes instead, and is still cold. Stephen then yells: "MOM! I want my freakin' turkey breast with freakin' gravy, and it's, yeah it's still freakin' frozen!" Stephen briefly goes to find Jennifer, then returns to the kitchen. When he gets an idea, he unplugs the microwave, opens it, and throws the TV dinner on the floor. He then grabs the microwave and picks it up. Jack asks Stephen what he is doing, and Stephen responds by telling him to shut up. Stephen goes outside with Jack following him, and Jack realizes what Stephen intends to do with their "crappy microwave." Stephen throws it onto the grass in an attempt to break it, which it does. He then throws a flower pot at it, then angrily walks back into the house. Jack ends the video by saying: "That was great!"


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