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January 28, 2010
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"Greatest freak out ever 8" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from season. In this episode, while playing Guitar Hero, Stephen freaks out over Jack beating him at the game.



Stephen and Jack are playing Guitar Hero is about video games without guitar, they use Wii console but Jack keeps beating and Stephen's getting really mad. I hope Stephen called him says "You suck." Jack can't must be talking, he told him to shut up. Unfortunately, Jack was says "Dude, I'm beating you." Stephen replies to say "Shut up!! We're like 5 seconds to the freakin' song!" Jack was asking with Stephen to says "I'm beating you." Stephen replies once again "SHUT UP!!! You're a freakin' troll!" They still quietly to play video games. Stephen always to act like that, his brother wasn't funny but he says "I don't find you amusing!". Jack just had to shut off the Wii, absolutely he got mad of Jack to hurting him and Stephen was beating him. Stephen was going to push him, Jack's going to run into the dining room until Stephen to pick up to see his whammy bar has been broken when he says "You broke the freakin' whammy bar." Jack grabs the camera and he's going back upstairs to his room.


  • Jack must be saying with Stephen to says "I'm beating you." Because he talks to much and they're trying to play.
  • Jack turns the TV off and he ruins it, Stephen was hurting him, Jack running to step on whammy bar and he broke it.


Cultural References

  • Stephen and Jack are playing "Guitar Hero" with console "Wii" about the video games.