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This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freak Out Ever episode "Greatest freak out ever aftermath" from special, which aired on May 3, 2009.

  • Jack: Okay, I showed my brother the World of Warcraft video, and... uh, I didn't get the reaction that I thought I would. He's up in a tree and he's been up there for good 4 hours. Oh, god. Don't be embarrassed in front...
  • Stephen: Keep away from me.
  • Jack: Don't be embarrassed in front of the camera, squirrel boy.
  • Stephen: Yeah, and stop calling me squirrel boy!
  • Jack: Get out of the tree.
  • Stephen: No! You embarrassed me in front of the whole freakin' school, and now they think I'm a freakin' faggot!
  • Jack: 3,000,000 people want to know why you shoved a remote up your butt.
  • Stephen: I didn't! You made it freakin' look like I did, you fag!
  • Jack: How? (Stephen flips Jack off) Aw. Squirrel boy.
  • Stephen: Stop calling me squirrel boy.
  • Jack: Don't feel bad.
  • Stephen: Shut up.
  • Jack: Why did you get so upset over World of Warcraft?
  • Stephen: SHUT UP!! You know why I'm freakin' mad, quit acting like a different person, in front of the freakin' camera, cause you play World of Warcraft, too!
  • Jack: The sad thing is I don't.
  • Stephen: Yeah, you freakin' do, you liar!
  • Jack: Why did you bang your head with a shoe?
  • Stephen: Sh- 'cause you made me freakin' mad!
  • Jack: So, I don't, I don't think...
  • Stephen: Shut up!
  • Jack: I don't think I had...
  • Stephen: Just, shut up!
  • Jack: I know what'll make you happy.
  • Stephen: What?
  • Jack: Look, I have your boo bear.
  • Stephen: I don't care! About it!
  • Jack: Don't hit your boo bear, he's gonna get all mad at me!
  • Stephen: I played with it when I was 7! I played with it when I was 7.
  • Jack: You still sleep with it.
  • Stephen: No, I don't. Quit saying that just 'cause you're recording it. Fag.
  • Jack: Don't get so upset.
  • Stephen: SHUT UP.
  • Jack: Why are you...
  • Stephen: You know!
  • Jack: Why are you in a tree?
  • Stephen: Because you made me freakin' mad!
  • Jack: I don't sodomize myself with a remote,
  • Stephen: My friends.
  • Jack: And climb up in a tree when I get mad.
  • Stephen: You what? You what? You don't what?
  • Jack: You're all over in the internet.
  • Stephen: I don't... care.
  • Jack: Squirrel boy.
  • Stephen: QUIT calling me squirrel boy!
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