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Judging Animation Contest

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October 15, 2011
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"Judging Animation Contest" is a deleted Greatest Freak Out Ever episode from short.



Jack is telling the viewers that ADA Sport, the same people that may have seen his channel that he worked with on some animations ask him to judge. In the background, Stephen is yelling at his mom that he wants to go to a dance but his mom won't let him. The two videos Jack is judging are named "Realistic Captain America" and "Web Geezers".


  • This short episode came out on October 15, 2011 because of yesterday and after Stephen throwing the kitchen stuff in the yard, getting chased by his dad and Jack is laughing. But in this talking short episode, you can hear Stephen yell out at his mom that he wanted to go to the dance, but his mom told him not to. Because her son Stephen got grounded for not putting the kitchen stuff in the dish washers in the house.
  • Jack put the 2 color links, "Realistic Captain America" is the blue link, and "Web Geezers" is the red link.


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