The season of the YouTube series Greatest Freakout Ever.


Screenshot Episode# Title Original Upload
Greatest1.png 1 "Greatest freak out ever" May 1, 2009
Stephen's mom cancels his World of Warcraft account and he freaks out.
Greatest2.png 2 "Greatest freak out ever 2" June 26, 2009
Stephen is playing a game online and an Internet guy keeps betraying him.
Greatest3.png 3 "Greatest freak out ever 3" June 29, 2009
Stephen gets a truck for his 16th birthday, but he doesn't like it and he smash it with a bat.
Greatest4.png 4 "Greatest freak out ever 4" July 10, 2009
Stephen is playing his dad's guitar, and Jack keeps annoying him on how he sucks.
Greatest5.png 5 "Greatest freak out ever 5" July 20, 2009
Stephen complains about how the microwave won't cook.
Greatest6.png 6 "Greatest Freak Out Ever 6" September 18, 2009
Stephen and Jack's Grandmother comes over to watch them while their parents are out, but Stephen and the Grandmother didn't get along well.
Greatest7.png 7 "Greatest Freak Out Ever 7" October 4, 2009
Stephen breaks a vacuum cleaner.
Greatest8.png 8 "Greatest freak out ever 8" January 28, 2010
Stephen and Jack are playing Guitar Hero and Stephen gets angry on Jack.
Greatest9.png 9 "Greatest freak out ever 9" March 8, 2010
Stephen and Jack watch UFC and they argue over who is the best fighter.
Greatest10.png 10 "Greatest freak out ever 10" June 19, 2010
Stephen takes gymnastics in order to be more flexible, but he becomes frustrated with the instructor.
Greatest11.png 11 "Greatest freak out ever 11" September 27, 2010
Stephen breaks the family's $3,000 TV over not being able to buy Halo: Reach, which prompts his mom to call the police. (not seen)
Greatest12.png 12 "Greatest freak out ever 12" March 19, 2011
Stephen is grounded for a week, Stephen wasn't allowed on the computer and freaks out.
Greatest13.png 13 "Greatest freak out ever 13" April 7, 2011
Stephen auditions for a promo, but is not happy about it.
Greatest14.png 14 "Greatest freak out ever 14" July 15, 2011
Stephen's family gets a new pool and David use it to teach him how to swim but Stephen refuses.
Greatest15.png 15 "Greatest freakout ever 15" August 3, 2011
Stephen gets a tattoo for his 18th birthday.
Greatest16.png 16 "Greatest freakout ever 16" September 10, 2011
Stephen prepares a meal for the family but Jack keeps annoying him.
Greatest17.png 17 "Greatest freakout ever 17" October 14, 2011
Made a mess in the kitchen.
Greatest18.png 18 "Greatest freakout ever 18" November 17, 2011
Afraid of kitten.
Greatest19.png 19 "Greatest freakout ever 19" December 3, 2011
Speeding tickets for the 3rd time at 6 Months.
Greatest20.png 20 "Greatest freakout ever 20" December 31, 2011
Getting pushed by a captain into the ocean.
Greatest21.png 21 "Greatest freakout ever 21" February 26, 2012
Threw their stuff on the ground.
Greatest22.png 22 "Greatest freakout ever 22" February 28, 2012
Getting chased by his sister's husband.
Greatest23.png 23 "Greatest freakout ever 23" July 15, 2012
His Batmobile car got smoked that his brother Jack did.
Greatest24.png 24 "Greatest freakout ever 24" July 18, 2012
Yelling out his parents that he wants to go to Comic-Con.
Greatest25.png 25 "Greatest freakout ever 25" October 14, 2012
Out of control from the parade that he's refused.
Greatest26.png 26 "Greatest freakout ever 26" December 31, 2012
Getting locked outside in the snow.
Greatest27.png 27 "Greatest freakout ever 27" February 17, 2013
Trip to chair.
Greatest28.png 28 "Greatest freakout ever 28" October 1, 2013
After quitting his 3rd job, he smashed Jack's TV.
Greatest29.png 29 "Greatest freakout ever 29" February 12, 2014
Stephen destroyed the bedroom, and smashed a lampshade and threw a painting in the snow.
Greatest30.png 30 "Greatest freakout ever 30" August 3, 2014
Pulling Paige tooth out.
Greatest31.png 31 "Greatest freakout ever 31" March 6, 2015
He takes random items around the house (not seen) to become prepared at the swap meet.
Greatest32.png 32 "Greatest freakout ever 32" September 18, 2015
He completely trashes the whole backyard and set it on fire. (not seen)
Greatest freak out ever 33.png 33 "Greatest freak out ever 33" December 11, 2015
Jack has a key and rooster attack with Stephen.
Greatest freak out ever 34.png 34 "Greatest freak out ever 34" August 14, 2016
Stephen was painting in the living room.
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