The short of the YouTube series Greatest Freakout Ever.


Screenshot Episode# Title Original Upload
Thank you Subscribers! 1 "Thank you Subscribers!" March 8, 2010
(No reason.)
Judging Animation Contest 2 "Judging Animation Contest" October 15, 2011
Hearing his brother Stephen arguing his mother that trying to go to the dance.
Greatestq 3 "Stephen's Dog" April 27, 2014
Trying to tell his dog Roscoe to get out of his bed.
How to Put a Shirt On 4 "How to Put a Shirt On" July 26, 2014
Jack wants to teach you how to put a shirt on.
Jack Rides a Mechanical Shark 5 "Jack Rides a Mechanical Shark" August 16, 2014
Jack falls off the Mechanical Shark for 2 times.
Jennifer's Facebook Movie 6 "Jennifer's Facebook Movie" December 28, 2014
(No reason.)
Tara Has to Go Home 7 "Tara Has to Go Home" May 28, 2015
She has to go home because Jack didn't want her to leave his house.
Jennifer Rides a Horse 8 "Jennifer Rides a Horse" September 7, 2015
(No reason.)