The special of the YouTube series Greatest Freakout Ever.


Screenshot Episode# Title Original Upload
Greatestspecial1 1 "Greatest freak out ever (The After Math)" May 3, 2009
Embarrassing his school.
Greatestspecial2 2 "Greatest Freak out ever FAQ" November 19, 2009
Talking about like wafflepwn.
Greatestspecial3 3 "How the Stephen Stole Christmas" December 25, 2009
Burning Christmas tree and Jack's present.
Greatestspecial4 4 "WoW Freakout Kid goes to Jack in the Box in LA!" November 14, 2010
They just fighting in Burbank.
Greatestspecial5 5 "John Leguizamo Greatest Freak out Ever" December 16, 2010
John Leguizamo shoved a remote up his butt.
Greatestspecial6 6 "Stephen Meets John Leguizamo" February 7, 2011
John was touching with Stephen at second time.
Greatestspecial7 7 "The VERY VERY VERY Annoying Stephen" January 1, 2012
Does also.
Greatestspecial8 8 "Stephen And His Bat Car" August 1, 2014
Going to McDonald's once again his batmobile.
Greatestspecial9 9 "Jack Cutting Open His "Jackfruit"" July 15, 2015
Jack was cutting the Jackfruit and they're eating.
Pure Love 10 "Pure Love" July 30, 2015
They're just playing.
Prank calling Stephen Quire 11 "Prank calling Stephen Quire" March 6, 2016
Two fan girl was calling Stephen to asking about question.