Left Arrow Special Gallery Transcript

This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freakout Ever episode "Prank calling Stephen Quire" from special, which aired on March 6, 2016.

  • Samantha: Hi, I'm Samantha.
  • Unknown Girl: And I remember TV.
  • Samantha: And... I guess we're outside. Uh... We're gonna be calling.
  • Unknown Girl: Stephen Quire.
  • Samantha: (Don't know what she saying) (Girls chuckle) All right, so let's see, will answer. This time.
  • (Dialing)
  • (Phone Calling)
  • Stephen: Hello.
  • Samantha: Hey, Stephen.
  • Stephen: Hello.
  • Samantha: Uh, you biggest fan anywaste we got some question we want to ask.
  • Stephen: Hi.
  • Samantha: Okay, so did... it hurt. When your grandma hit you in the head. It in the face with the paddle. And why did you calling very buns?
  • Stephen: (Don't know what he saying)
  • Samantha: All right, I know that.
  • Unknown Girl: (Little Giggling) Um, why did you set the Christmas tree on fire for?
  • Stephen: What?
  • Unknown Girl: Why did you set the Christmas tree on fire for?
  • Stephen: Because I was mad.
  • Unknown Girl: And why did you get mad with Jack is the (Don't know what she saying) ground? Did he really...
  • Stephen: All right, out.
  • Unknown Girl: Did he hurt? Did he... Did he really... break freakin' wearing much?
  • Samantha: Why did you... No. Sorry. All right. He hang up. (Girls Laughing) I know that.
  • (Phone Calling)
  • Female Voice: I'm sorry.
  • Unknown Girl: Hang it up.
  • Samantha: Faggot.
  • Unknown Girl: Okay, well... How's Stephen (Don't know what she saying)
  • Samantha: Yeah. So bye.
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