Stephen Quire Gets His Haircut
Stephen Quire Gets His Haircut

Stephen Quire Gets His Haircut

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August 10, 2014

Stephen Quire Gets His Haircut is a grounded video of GoAnimate created by Alex Kimble. It uploaded on August 10, 2014.



Stephen gets Grounded By His dad for getting expelled from School for throwing a Temper Tantrum. So they go to to the Barbershop. Right in the Lobby is Noddy and Big Ears. Then Dale Gribble comes by and calls them down to his rool. Then he cut Stephen's hair. The next day, Ronald McDonald and Jack Quire are laughing at Stephen that he got his haircut.


  • This video is a parody that Alex Kimble made that video how Stephen getting expelled from school for throwing a temper tantrum, but Stephen Quire didn't do anything at school.
  • There's another GoAnimate video that Stephen in school that Alex Kimble created, which is called "Eva, Marlin, Ray and Stephen Quire Get in Dead Meat." But Stephen didn't get in dead meat, because he's a good student and never go to his school again, because he gets a job and getting money.
  • Some users make fun of him appearing in Angry German Kid episodes that Stephen goes to school, but that's wrong, Stephen Quire don't go to Indian Creek High School anymore because he got graduated in his school along with his brother Jack due to class of 2013.
  • Sometimes he goes to haircut that he's not bad, some videos that Stephen has a short hair, sometimes Stephen still has a curly hair.
  • Sometimes that Stephen did something bad at school, because he's strangling the kid with the belt in the school bus back around in May 2009, but Stephen have to repeat the entire 12th Grade in 2012 until 2013.
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