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Tara Has to Go Home

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May 28, 2015
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"Tara Has to Go Home" is a Greatest Freakout Ever episode from short.



Jack grabbing his girlfriend Tara's legs that she's trying to go home while holding her camera, but Jack told her do not leave in his house while acting like a cowardly man child. Then, Jack saying goodbye to her while trying to start crying. And then, Jack cries and howls like a wolf.


  • This short episode is about when Tara is trying to leave her boyfriend Jack's house that every time she have to go home.
  • In the end of this video, Jack makes Tara a joke that he doesn't like her anymore. But everyday, Jack still loves his girlfriend that they're not breaking up in this video because they love each other.
  • Jack acts like a child in this short video just like Pickleboy (also known as Michael Green with his backup channel KidBehindACamera) from The Angry Grandpa Show and Jesse from McJuggerNuggets when they're acting, screaming, crying and whining like a little kid.
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