Vince Allen
Stephen Quire (formerly), Jack Quire (formerly), Jennifer Quire (formerly), David Quire (formerly), Vince Allen's Cameraman
First Appearance:

Vince Allen is an actor and producer, He appears in the special titled WoW Freakout Kid goes to Jack in the Box in LA!. In the special, he and his camera crew attempt to interview Stephen Quire, Jack Quire, Jennifer Quire, and David Quire while on their vacation. He approaches them first while they are having Ice Cream but they refuse his offer to interview and take pictures, instead, the Quire family just drives away in their car. Vince and his crew then find them the next day leaving Jack in the Box with Stephen taking longer than his family. He tells Stephen that his videos aren't real and that it's all fake, Stephen than snaps and gets into a fight with Vince and his crew along with some bystanders. The Quires than swoop in and take Stephen back to the hotel, Vince follows them inside the Lobby telling them that he knows where they live.

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