Greatest Freak Out Ever

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Date Joined:
August 14, 2008
Country of Origin:
United States
Original Channel:
Picture Format:
144p (2009 episode 6 & 7)
240p (2009)
480p (2009 - 2012)
720p (2011 episode 13)
1080p (2012 - present)
Original Run:
May 1, 2009 - present

Wafflepwn is the channel that hosts the Greatest freak out ever videos. It is run by Jack Quire, and mainly consists of the series.

Main Characters

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  • Stephen Quire - The subject of the videos. Is a mixture between protagonist/antagonist.
  • Jack Quire - Stephen's younger brother, main protagonist and the owner of the channel, who is the cameraman of most of the episodes.
  • Jennifer Quire - Jack and Stephen's mother. Filmed Greatest Freak out ever FAQ.
  • David Quire - Jack and Stephen's father, first appearance was voice only, but has made common physical appearances later on, often chasing Stephen away, ending out the video.

Secondary Characters


  • In 2009, a freak out kid was shown featuring a unique opening with the screenshot card. This may have been to be the opening before the Greatest Freak Out Ever opening theme.
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